caponata, camden

We were out the back, living wall on the left!

Today, one of the girls at work left after 8 years with the company.  I’ve mentioned before that we’re only a tiny company, so it’s quite a big deal.

Her husband has been quite ill, and had to stop working, and so they have decided to go and live out in Ibiza where they spend a lot of time and have an apartment anyway – so she was still really upset to be leaving, as she’s put everything into her role for years.

Anyway, our Directors said they;d take us all out for lunch, and it was down to me to find somewhere suitable in Camden.  First choice was York & Albany, simply because it sounds good to have gone to a Ramsey for your leaving do (and she’d like that), but they were fully booked, so I had the chance to suggest a restaurant I have heard nothing but good things about – Caponata.

We were out in the courtyard, which has a glass roof and a ‘living wall’ of plants.  A gorgeous space – you’d never know you were just off of Camden High Street.

I didn’t get the chance to take pics (as there were so many of us), but we all had three courses (from the wonderful set menu – £21 or £15 for two courses), and there was only one person who wasn’t too keen on one of their courses (she felt her pasta dish was slightly too dry).

I had the barley ‘risotto’ with spring veg and parmesan (gorgeous and light but creamy), followed by the rump of lamb (cooked to perfection) with artichoke and a rosemary sauce, and then tiramisu which came in a ‘wall’ of thin, crisp chocolate with a little chocolate lid and a pot of espresso served with it, so you could add as much as you like.  I’m so glad I skipped breakfast – and I’m not having any dinner.

Lots of people had fish of various types (mackerel, sardines, sea bass, skate, sea bream) and they all said it was fantastic.  Make sure you check out their menu if you’re ever near Camden.

They do jazz and other live music on various nights, and so I will definitely be going again!  Can’t wait!!


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