zombie fingers

Well, I had a very odd hodge-podge dream last night.

It was a bit of an odd combination.  First of all I was dreaming that I was at this fantastic but massive party – and it was without a doubt the coolest party I have ever been to.  But it was being held in my old school.  there were bonfires everywhere, lots of different ‘themed’ rooms, and loads and loads of people that I knew, except I don’t really know them.  And I was there with my ex-boyfriend.  Now he is probably explained as I’ve been talking to him a lot lately (he’s recently joined Facebook, and we’ve been catching up as we hadn’t spoken for about a year).  But he was my boyfriend in my dream, and there was a lot of snogging and whatever going on (especially the whatever…)

And i’d just got an iPad and everyone was insanely jealous.  Except it was shite.  After having my lovely phone, which is really intuitive, and does everything that I want it to, the iPad was a big pile of poo.  I couldn’t get it to do anything interesting, it was really slow, I couldn’t flick between apps easily and half the time it must’ve decided I was some kind of zombie as the touchscreen didn’t register my touch.

Actually, that has happened to me before on the quiz machine over our local.  Some days it just doesn’t register my touch, and yet everyone else can play it no problem – so maybe I AM a zombie…or a ghost.

Anyway, my dream didn’t make me want an iPad.  I know it was just a dream…but it could have been a sign.  😉


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