mrs serafinowicz

Just in case you didn't know who he was in SOTD

Last night I had a dream…well, most probably it was actually this morning.

I dreamed that I had got married to Peter Serafinowicz.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of him.  of course you have.  He’s a very very funny man, dontcha know.  He has a blog, and he tweets a lot, mainly very funny stuff.  And he was of course the landlord in Shaun of the Dead.  “Ahhhhh, HIM!” I hear you say.

Anyway, for some reason or the other, I married him.  I remember being pretty happy about it (as he is cute of course) and there seemed to be a lot of sunshine.

I remember getting a bit upset because I had trouble spelling my surname, and i wasn’t very happy with my signature, and spent hours trying to get it right, but it just wasn’t happening.

Then he kept doing the zombie thing in the shower every morning, and the joke wore a bit thin.  Until one day I didn’t pull back the shower curtain and say “Oh ha ha” and he stayed there all day, and when I got home (from wherever the wife of Peter Serafinowicz goes) I opened the shower curtain and he really WAS a zombie.  And then I woke up (to BBC 6Music of course).

I mumbled to The Man “I just married Peter Serafinowicz…i’m sorry” and then Hot Chip’s ‘I Feel Better’ came on the radio, which bolted me awake with a shiver, as Peter Serafinowicz directed the video to that (I wanted to go down and be in the video when he was asking for screaming girls, but I was working 😦

You haven’t seen the video?  Well, I will post it below!  First of all, you DO know what Hot Chip look like, don’t you?

Hot Chip - talented, but not really pretty

I’m really looking forward to seeing them at Lovebox this year as I do like their stuff 🙂  You’ll understand why I posted their pic when you watch the vid.  Enjoy.


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