oh how do i love thee?

It's just so PRETTY!!!

Let me count the ways.

No!! I can’t!!  There are just far too many.

On Thursday I tweeted the lovely people @VodafoneUK, had a call back from them (their Web Relations team really are brilliant – and very friendly) and we worked out a great tariff for me, and I ordered a beautiful Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.  Unfortunately, being a Bank Holiday, I had to wait slightly longer.  Which was today.

And fair play to Vodafone, they said it would be delivered between 8am – 6pm, but that I’d be given an hour slot on the day – and at 7.30am I received a text telling me it would be between 10.21 – 11.21.

Which it was.  And oh how pretty?  Oh how lovely and wonderful.  It does so much.  I have a lot of friends with iPhones and yet have never been tempted, it was only this one or the HTC Desire that first piqued my interest.

It all just works.  It was all just so easy.  transferring my 221 contacts (yes, really) was so easy.  Setting up Facebook and Twitter and Hotmail was so easy.

I love it.  I love it love it love it.  But I’m sure that I’ll be bored in a month, or have dropped it down the toilet like I did with my last phone!


8 thoughts on “oh how do i love thee?

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  1. lol@dropping it down the toilet – Sounds like something I’d do, especially with something I’m excited about. So, where can I get one for free?? 😉

    I’m tempted, but I love the touch technology and since having my ipod touch, I often pick up my cell phone and try touching things..doesn’t work and I get annoyed lol BUT saying that, when it comes to texting & messages a keyboard pops up on the pod, so I’m really not doing anything different.

    1. Well, I dropped my last phone down the loo after having it about 2-3 weeks – so it was slowly getting worse and worse. i managed to last a year with it not working properly!

      I wasn’t really that bothered about the ‘touch’ thing. I’d tried various friends’ iPhones and wasn’t really impressed…but i love taking and sharing photos, which can get expensive by MMS…and I also get bored quickly, and like having stuff I can do. so it’s wonderful 😀

      And everything syncs beautifully!

    1. well, it’s great for social networking – streamlines Facebook and Twitter magnificently. lets you take pics directly into facebook. And also download apps, so i downloaded a cool pic-altering one (which I haven’t used properly yet). the camera is 8MP which is brilliant.

      Obviously it’s easy to download games etc. i’ve got my email on it too – but i have made sure I don’t ass any work stuff on, or I’ll get too tempted to check it 🙂

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