catching up (part 1)

Although busy, I'm happily juggling life 🙂

I haven’t made an entry for a while, but this hasn’t been down to nothing much going on.  I don’t FEEL like I’ve not had much time to myself, but I definitely haven’t been round online as much as usual – and I definitely haven’t had a chance to go on Twitter etc from work as everything’s stepped up a gear recently.

This is because a project I’ve been heading up and working on since August last year is finally going to be launched next month – so there’s a real flurry of stuff going on.  But it’s all good.  It’s busy, but I don’t feel stressed.

That’s very much unlike my old job where I was busy, under-appreciated, had huge expectations, seemed to spend all my time in meetings or working parties talking about all the work that should be done and never seeming to have the time to do it between meetings and working parties!  I felt so stressed by it, and hardly felt like anything I did was even noticed.  A total waste of a day most of the time.

But my old job, the reasons I left and the fact that I am so happy now is a totally different post!

So, I have a long list of things that I have been up to, or that have been on my mind since my last entry, and I will slowly be working my way through them over the next couple of posts – as I’ve mentioned before, I need to get these things down so that I can get them out of my head and feel more relaxed about everything 🙂

On Sunday, we had Mother’s Day as my mum was finally back from her annual month-long holiday.  so we took my parents to The Dick Turpin, which is a Miller & Carter steakhouse.  It was actually really nice.  i wouldn’t bother going there if I didn’t fancy a steak, but I have to say, their steaks are absolutely wonderful.  The Man was happy as he’d asked for his T-Bone rare, and that’s exactly how he got it – he’d be happy if you just wiped the cow’s arse and slapped it on a plate.  I’d gone for medium-rare, as a lot of places I’ve been to don’t seem to be able to do medium and it comes medium-well.  however, this time, my sirloin was a perfect medium-rare and at first I wished I’d asked for exactly what I’d wanted.  After the first few bites, I forgot my slight squeamishness and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Their fries are absolutely gorgeous – crisp, fluffy and yummy.  Their coleslaw is also great – my mum makes fantastic coleslaw, and I have a real issue with ‘bought’ slaws that don’t have enough carrot and are smothered in watery, vinegary white yuck.  this was the exact opposite – but there was nowhere near enough of it.

One of their ‘things’ is serving you a quarter of an iceberg lettuce with a choice of dressings.  I don’t really get this, but it was fine – the dressing was nice enough and the lettuce was fresh and crisp.  The Girl definitely liked it!

The Man had also made my mum’s favourite – preserved lemons in a couple of kilner jars.  So we’re definitely in the good books now.

I am now getting distracted as I am listening to the budget while I’m typing, and they’ve degenerated into a bunch of rowdy school kids!

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