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Where have all the people gone?

I find that I don’t blog when I have the most things going around in my head – but then I wonder whether I have too much going around in my head because I’m not getting it out by blogging about it!

Some of the stuff in my head is SO boring and humdrum – and that’s probably why I chose the title for my blog…my life is essentially just about as ‘normal’ and unexciting as you can get.  But I have a strong urge to catalogue it.  I always have.  I have diaries at home going back to when I was 14, which I still read occasionally as I love that moment when I read a sentence and can literally feel the emotion that I had when I wrote it.  I have been a compulsive diarist/blogger since then.

The times in my life when I have felt most calm are the ones where I have written down my thoughts and feelings, and this was the reason for starting this particular blog – I had loads in my head and I couldn’t get it out and feel that I had dealt with it or confronted it.  once it’s out there in the open (even if there are no witnesses) I have admitted its existence, and then I have to do something about it, or get over it.

Anyway – this has become an entry about blogging, which wasn’t really my intention, but that I obviously needed to do!

I took the picture this morning on my way into work.  You would not believe that this was a Victoria Line train at 8.30am.  It almost felt like some kind of post-terror-threat journey.  There were just a few people in every carriage.  It was unnerving.  There were 2 women the other side of me, making 8 of us in the entire carriage.  Everyone kept looking at each other, a little unsure of themselves.  When we pulled up at the next station, I swear some people didn’t get on purely because they were convinced there must be something wrong with the train!

I also have an “And finally…” courtesy of my daughter this morning.

TG:  There are 26 sheep in a field and one dies. How many are left?

Me: 25

TG:  Nope. 19.

Me:  What? Don’t be silly.

TG:  YOU are the silly one.  *I* said ‘twenty sick sheep’.  Duh!

Me:  Go to school.


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  1. well you are both wrong on the sheep thing, just because one sheep dies it is still in the field is it not? so in fact there are 20 sheep in the field one so sick he’s now dead 😀

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