like a teddy bear

I always seem to keep my tickets!

Last night, I made my way into the uncharted territory that is South London.  I think people make too much of the UK North/South divide (although it makes for hours of entertainment in my house – me being an Essex Girl, and The Man being a Boro Boy).  The REAL divide is that of Old Father Thames.

North London and South London seem to be totally different beasts – and people tend to be extremely loyal to which part they are in, and will argue to the death (or the hoarseness at least) as to why ‘their’ side is better.  Once you have lived in one part, you don’t tend to stray to the other.

Anyway, I digress.  I ventured to Putney, which amused me when I was on the train as I just finished reading The War of the Worlds, in which of course most of the action occurs in the places where the train I was on was visiting.  I kept thinking “Martians!” and then giggling to myself (not very loudly though, as I was on the quiet carriage, and hey, this was South London – there was no telling what might happen to me!).

One of my lovely friends is in a play at Putney Arts Theatre and me and a few of his other friends met up to go and see him do his thing.  The play was Round & Round The Garden by Alan Ayckbourn which is apparently part of a trilogy called The Norman Conquests which can all stand alone.

It was actually really really good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Parts of it bordered on farce, but it was never really full-blown ‘whoops there go my trousers’, but just gentle and funny.  The cast were great and my mate was obviously the star of the show, playing a gentle slightly dim vet who kind of bumbled along and didn’t have a single clue about how to deal with women (not too hard a stretch for my lovely gay friend!).

I thought it was great.  I love the venue (it’s a converted church – I have been before as another friend is heavily involved in the theatre) and the company was fantastic – I love it when you can relax into easy camaraderie with your friends’ friends!

I came home all warm and glowing…and then opened a letter that was a parking fine that The Man had got.  I am still not talking to him.


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  1. You’ve finished The War of the Worlds already? I’ve not even started yet :-/ Think it’s pretty neat that you were traveling where certain parts of
    the book are based. Ian showed me pictures of a city that have statues set up based on the book. Would love to see that. Need to read the book first though!

    Glad you had a nice time and sorry you had a not so pleasant surprise when you came home. You should take away the xbox 😉

    1. Yeah – I think the statue is down in Woking 🙂 i keep thinking I’d like to see it. at one point, his brother was running up the road that I work just off of. i always get very excited when books/TV/films feature places that I know well – just as I did in my entry

      I will be writing my TWOTW review in the next couple of days.

      And if I took away the XBox, he’d keep talking to me – and that would rather get in the way of me ignoring him!

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