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Sound of de Groove Armada, we're SUPERSTYLIN'!!

Groove Armada are my absolute favouritest band, and have been for many many years.  I love the way that all of their records sound so different.  I love the way that they have so many different ‘guest artists’ to sing on their tracks, which gives them such a different feel.  I love MC MAD who sings Superstylin’ (and also my favourite EVER GA track Madder, which is never ever played – apart from almost every week in my flat!).  I love the way they just seem to keep getting stronger and stronger.  And most of all, I love the way that their live shows are absolutely amazing.  They have presence that you wouldn’t expect from a dance/techno duo.  The light shows are fantastic, and they PLAY instruments (not twiddle knobs) – and OMG do they know how to play their crowd!

So – even though I saw them at the Coronet back in October introducing some of the stuff from their new album Black Light, I of course HAD to go and see them at The Forum on Wednesday for the album launch.  And it was brilliant.  From the intro medley and SaintSaviour’s brilliant vocals and entrancing movements on Look Me In The Eye Sister to the triple-climaxing of Superstylin’ that NEVER fails to get everyone jumping.

And yes, I jumped, I bopped, I swayed.  I could barely walk home afterwards and thought I’d given my leg a setback I wouldn’t recover from.  But in the morning it was fine.  Phew!  I’ve even chucked away my stick (well, metaphorically – it’s actually on the floor next to my desk!).

So, a fantastic gig, a fantastic night (preceded by a brilliant Ethiopian meal with my mate), and the gig has received rave reviews.  This will be the first year GA aren’t playing Lovebox, which depressed me when I found out before they headlined last year, but I’ve already managed to see them twice since then – so all is good.

If you love dance music, make sure you get to see Groove Armada!  Black Light is fantastic!


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