conversations with my daughter (pt 2)

Another pic of my surreal entertainment

Yes, it is another post on my little trinket of surreal entertainment.  This time, she’s not as much funny as proving that (like most 10 year old children) she doesn’t think before she opens her ever-flapping gob!

We were all catching up with Survivors, which she loves, and has avidly been following the series.  anyway, at one point during the episode she asked:

TG:  Is there REALLY meant to be just 1% of the population left, because there seem to be quite a lot of people

Me:  Well, how many people do you think would be left if 99% of the population died?

TG:  I don’t know.  A thousand?

Me:  Well, I think there are about 68 million people in the country right now

TG:  What about now?

Me:  What?

TG:  Well, some more might have been born now

Me:  And some will have died

TG:  Oh.  So, there’s 68 million people in the world?

Me:  No, there are 68 million in the UK

TG:  No there aren’t!

The Man:  Well, there are over 7 million that live in London!

TG:  Including us?

Me:  oh no, he didn’t include us, that’s 7million and three

TG:  Are you teasing me?

Me:  Yes

Why do children never think before they ask stoooooopid questions?!??!  and why the hell are they so literal?!?!


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