the girl with the dragon tattoo – steig larsson

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Steig Larsson

I finally finished this last night.  As I haven’t been at work the past week, I haven’t been reading very much, as I only ever seem to read when I’m on the Tube.

I was given this book and the next in the trilogy as a birthday present – although I’ve seen lots about them, and seen loads of people reading them, I hadn’t been moved to buy them for myself or even add them to my ‘must read’ list!

I’m glad they were given to me!  I really enjoyed reading this book.  there were so many storylines going on within the overall story that there was a lot to keep up with, and I never felt that the author was struggling around for ‘filler’.

Saying that, the ‘climax’ of the murders-mystery was rather disappointing to me – although I can see that it would work really well in a film.  I felt that the people dealing with the fallout from that came across as quite unemotional, for something that would surely have led to a lot of conflicting ideas on actions, and would have left a family in turmoil.  I did feel like Larsson had decided “right, that’s that bit of the story tied up nicely, I’ll get onto the next bit now” – in fact (perhaps because he was a journalist) it seemed that more emotional involvement was put into the magazine and the corruption scandal than was put into the murders and the family saga.

As I said, I really enjoyed it, but I wasn’t completely blown away by it (it wasn’t THAT new and different) – and part of me wonders whether the trilogy would have received such acclaim if Larsson hadn’t died. I’d recommend giving it a read though 😉


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  1. Interesting review. I read this a few years back, before it was popular; I am such a trend-setter dontcha know 😉

    I really enjoyed it and unlike you found it quite gripping, it worked well with my insomnia as I was sitting at 2am saying to myself, “One more chapter then sleep” and still saying it at 5am.

    I then had to wait a year for the 2nd part to be published and it was equally good, a few of the same characters but a different storyline which was good, entertaining and again, gripping but and it’s a big but, the ending just…ended! Which was a problem because I then had to wait until 2009 for the 3rd part to be published which I patiently waited for only to discover it picks up exactly where the other one left off, which I had read over a year ago so I got 3 chapters in and stopped. I need to re-read the 2nd book so I can remember who is who and what was happening (I have a swiss cheese-like memory)

    A friend in the US I sent the books to read the 3rd straight after the 2nd and keeps raving about it still in her emails but I’m not yet ready to go back to it to know what she’s on about.

    I have the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film but I’m not keen on watching it because the actress who plays Lisbeth is not at all how I pictured her in my head :/

    1. Oooo – get you, mr trendsetter 😉

      Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but was expecting more, I guess. i suppose because I’d left it so long to read them, that there’s been so much hype around them. I don’t do hype generally – i’m very anti-hype. if people rave about something, I’ll dislike it, or be disinterested just as a matter of principle, LOL

      Although the 2nd book is currently sitting in my bookcase, I’m not desperate to get to it, and didn’t want to pick it up immediately in an attempt to retain the story – and I think that was telling.

      To be honest, I didn’t actually know that it HAD been made into a film already – I’m blind to many things 😀

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