The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Steig Larsson

I finally finished this last night.  As I haven’t been at work the past week, I haven’t been reading very much, as I only ever seem to read when I’m on the Tube.

I was given this book and the next in the trilogy as a birthday present – although I’ve seen lots about them, and seen loads of people reading them, I hadn’t been moved to buy them for myself or even add them to my ‘must read’ list!

I’m glad they were given to me!  I really enjoyed reading this book.  there were so many storylines going on within the overall story that there was a lot to keep up with, and I never felt that the author was struggling around for ‘filler’.

Saying that, the ‘climax’ of the murders-mystery was rather disappointing to me – although I can see that it would work really well in a film.  I felt that the people dealing with the fallout from that came across as quite unemotional, for something that would surely have led to a lot of conflicting ideas on actions, and would have left a family in turmoil.  I did feel like Larsson had decided “right, that’s that bit of the story tied up nicely, I’ll get onto the next bit now” – in fact (perhaps because he was a journalist) it seemed that more emotional involvement was put into the magazine and the corruption scandal than was put into the murders and the family saga.

As I said, I really enjoyed it, but I wasn’t completely blown away by it (it wasn’t THAT new and different) – and part of me wonders whether the trilogy would have received such acclaim if Larsson hadn’t died. I’d recommend giving it a read though 😉