cabin fever

I'm sick of all the Valentine's stuff!!

I have not set foot outside the flat since I did my leg in on Wednesday night!

I’m not in constant pain any more, which is good, and I can now get the ball of my foot down when walking – which is better progress than I had hoped for!  However, trying to get my whole foot flat on the floor is excruciating – and doing the calf muscle stretches that my mate explained to me is just as painful.

So – walking further than the distance from my bedroom to my bathroom is rather a no-no at the moment – especially considering the moment when boredom made me think it would be great to engage in ‘bedroom activities’ and that only ended in severe pain – I’m feeling a little wary just now of over-doing it!

There are only so many episodes of 30 Rock I can watch – in fact I proved that yesterday by watching the whole of Series 3, so I literally don’t have any episodes that I haven’t seen now!  And the sheer number of Valentine’s comments, applications etc on Facebook turned me off of there, and my emails are full of bloody Valentine’s too….well, not literally bloody Valentine’s – although I DID go and see that film with my mates for a laugh in 3D.  It was dreadful, as was to be expected.

Anyway – I’ve already said how I feel about Valentine’s Day, although The Girl did make a Valentine’s card for The Man, which was really sweet.  Especially the ‘explanation’ that she gave me for it “I made it for him, and not for you because Mother’s Day comes before Father’s Day, so you’ll be getting another card sooner than he will!”  See – she thinks these things through!

The Girl is at her dad’s this weekend, which is probably why I’m so bored.  If she was here, she’d be entertaining me which is what she does best.  At least she’s on half term now, so she’ll be around tomorrow and I can play games with her and watch films, and she can make me tea!  Hurrah!

On Tuesday, my boss will actually be back from his long weekend break, and I am hoping that my leg will have healed enough for me to get back into the office, and I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to sit down at the London Bloggers Meet on Wednesday night, and make everyone interesting come over and talk to me 😀

I’m not very nice when I’m whingey.  I apologise for this moany entry.  If anyone has any ideas for entertainment…


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