the night that was

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What with everything going on this week, I haven’t mentioned what an absolutely bloody fantastic night I had on Saturday to celebrate my birthday!

I’m one of these people who is a ‘nervous organiser’, and every time I arrange something, it seems to go well, and then I wonder why I was ever worried…but I’ll feel the same the next time.

People DO tend to come along on my birthday, and for the past 6 years or so, I’ve arranged to meet on the Saturday nearest to it and met up at a Wetherspoons bar in Angel as there are a few people that come from outside London and come into Euston, so it’s easy – and Wetherspoons are cheap!!  Which is great for alcoholics!

I actually had my hand forced as to when I was celebrating my birthday as I would’ve had it the weekend before, as it was closer, but loads of my mates informed me that my birthday was always ‘the first weekend in February’ and that they’d saved the date.  Which through me!

Over 25 people turned up, which was fab as a few (as always) had dropped out on the day, and I was having jitters as usual that noone was really going to turn up.  It was also great as a lot of my friends hadn’t seen each other for ages, and were happy to see each other again, and also that I had a couple of ‘new people’ that I introduced into my fold and who seemed to fit in really well!

It always amuses people though that a lot of my closest friends, I met 7 1/2 years ago on a dating site.  And my oldest close friend (longest-standing, not literally the oldest!) I met on the CB radio when I was 17!  I got a text from one of the ‘new into the fold’ friends (who I met on an application in Facebook of all places!) that said “I really liked CB woman and CB woman’s bf” which amused me 🙂

I had a fantastic time, I met a couple of new people, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  And as this is my year of getting back to my social self, I am considering just having a random meet at the end of April or something to bring everyone together again 🙂


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  1. I don’t think I could get 25 people into a room that I would call friends, my friends tend to be kept in separate groups and some I know just don’t or wouldn’t mix well. So I think 25 is bloody good!

    1. LOL – and there were a LOT of people missing (lots of colds and stuff)…I tend to just mix all my friends together…there’s a couple that don’t get on, but funnily enough there’s two of my friends who hated each other about 12 years ago, and who are really close these days, LOL. You should try mixing people, you might be amazed how they get on! My friends consist of a load of people off of that dating site, people I used to work with, people from my local pub, people from another website, and then a couple that I knew in my teens. yes, there’s a couple that I get when they say “I really don’t like X/Y/Z” but the group is usually big enough to deal with it. hell, some of them, I’m nto sure about their other half’s, LOL

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