immortality – it’s not forever

The Man is a devil when he's hungover

I love my family, I really do – I love the way that even when we’re watching a serious documentary, it all turns into serious discussion about absolute shite.

For example, the occurence of the following conversation just now:

Me:  They called the smog in London ‘a right pea-souper’ because it was yellow and like breathing liquid

The Girl:  Ewww, that’s gross.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do that, it would kill you.

Me:  The average life expectancy for men was 29 years old (I’m not always that accurate, the programme had just said!)

G:  That’s REALLY young.

The Man:  You’d only have 19 years left though – and without us to feed you.  You’d have to go and sweep chimneys.

G:  At least I’m skinny enough to get up there.

TV:  “in the 1800s, 57% of children born in London died before the age of 5”

G:  Oh my gosh!!!  (yes, she really does say that) that means over HALF my class would have died!  But then most of them weren’t born in London so does that count?  I don’t want to die!

Me: You’re not living in the 1800s, you’re not going to die.

G:  I’m never going to die?

Man:  Everyone dies.  except me, I’m immortal. (His usual argument)

G:  When are you going to give that up?  You’re NOT immortal.  You’re going to die the same as everyone else!

Man:  How do you know?  Have I died yet?

G:  No, not yet, but you’re still young.

Man:  Thank you

G:  Well, ish.

And now we’re introducing her to Little Shop Of Horrors 🙂


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