vodka – oh how i love thee…

The lovely venue we were at last night - Jewel Bar, Covent Garden

…and I feel pretty warm and fuzzy about Vodafone too!

So, I went to the ‘do’ last night, and I surprised myself by actually speaking to people.  I got there quite early (I’d been hanging around at work and had got bored) and so sat with a drink by myself – but when i got up to get my second drink, I actually spoke to a guy on my way back from the bar.

He’d been to one of the meets before, and recognised a couple of people, and he was really cool, and interesting, and so we had a couple more drinks and decided to attack the floor!  I ended up speaking to quite a few people, and they were all really lovely and friendly, and I felt great.  There was only one bloke I spoke to who was a bit of a nob, but he had just come along as a ‘plus one’ with his mate anyway, so he didn’t really count.

I’m with Vodafone, and there was a speaker from Vodafone, and a prize draw for an iPhone (which Vodafone are releasing on their network as of today) and I was hoping I’d win as my phone has REALLY started playing up – it keeps randomly switching itself off – mid phonecall to my mum on Monday, which she got all paranoid about.  Anyway – the winning ticket was #51 and it was annoying as I had #15.  Grrr!!

BUT – who cares!?  It was a free bar ALL night.  and it was a bit of a snazzy bar, so God knows how much the drinks cost (probably about £3.50 each I would reckon – central London (touristy bit) and snazzy bar combo…a far cry from my £2.55 at my local pub).  So, I did drink rather a lot, which I have a tendency to do and have no problem doing, as I don’t really get hangovers.  By my reckoning, I probably drank the cost of about 1 1/2 months of my mobile contract – so thanks Vodafone!

I still would’ve preferred to win the iPhone though.

The guy from Vodafone was really nice, and chatted to me, and I told him my current issues, and he said he’d get back to me on some of them…and then took out his snazzy new iPhone he’d had for about 2 hours, and followed me on Twitter.  Bloody show-off.  Salt and wounds come to mind.

I will definitely go along to the next event if I get the chance 🙂


11 thoughts on “vodka – oh how i love thee…

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    1. It was a meet for London Bloggers. they run them about once a month, and they’re open to anyone – and they tend to have them sponsored by a company who have a speaker at the event. We had Vodafone and Electric Pig speaking 🙂

  1. I’m with you on the chatty with people I know but not so much with new people, which I feebly use to explain why I wasn’t very engaging when we met 🙂

    However next time I’ll probably compete with you to see who pauses for breath least 😉

  2. yes, more stubbly and you didn’t plonk yourself down, did you? if so I didn’t notice any plonking but I was possibly savouring the first alcoholic beer I’d had in over a year!

    1. Oh, I definitely plonked. well, I think I sat behind you drinking my first Dutch Courage, and then when Tom turned up, he spoke to you and I erm, interfered…and then kinda stole him. IF you’re who I thought you were 🙂

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