my new addiction

Full of empty pot loveliness

I am dead impressed with the new ‘Fuller Longer’ range at M&S.  We have an M&S near work, and in the winter, I often get my lunch there so that I can ping it in the microwave.

So, M&S have launched this new range, and at the moment everything in it has £1 off.  That makes this meatball minestrone just £1.49 – which I rekcon is a total bargain.

I shoud’ve taken a photo of the actual soup/stew in my bowl, but I was on the phone and then in a meeting while I was eating it and didn’t think about how gorgeous it was til afterwards.

It’s really packed full of flavour (although perhaps a little strong on the garlic), and has little meatballs, cabbage, green beans, carrots and small pasta shells and some other veg in a really scrummy but light tomoato and basil soup.  It’s really filling – I didn’t even need to have bread or a bag of crisps or anything with it – and I have a HUGE appetite!

Not only that, but as you can see from the diet info thing, it only has 260 calories and is low in fat.  There was a gorgeous slightly aniseed taste – which I think must have been fennel seeds or something.

I expect I’ll be getting this even with the extra £1 charge!  I right winter warmer 🙂

Caolrific goodness - no idea why the calorie content is an amber!

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