christmas has finally come

Yvette can see the ghosts so much clearer!

For his main Christmas pressie, I decided last year to get a V+ box installed for The Man.  There is no change to how much I pay each month for Virgin, but the installation fee always put me off.

So, I booked the engineer a couple of days before Christmas, and they were booked in today.  You can imagine how likely we thought it would be that he would actually turn up with the state of the roads etc locally in all this snow and ice!

But yes, he turned up – lovely bloke that he was.  We’ve moved the old standard box into our bedroom (The Girl is VERY jealous!) and now have our nice shiny (and very flash looking) V+ box in the lounge.

I’ve always said that I can’t tell the difference between HD and non-HD TV but i have to admit, looking again, I actually really can, LOL.

The Man is like a kid in a sweet shop – he doesn’t know what to do first.  Of course now, we can do the whole series link thing, stop live TV, and record two programmes while watching a third – so he’s just playing with everything, and I keep hearing little squeals of delight coming from the lounge.

What is it that they say about simple things?


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  1. I know what you mean….since the Husband has magically made our wii talk to our computer and do BBC i player he has hardly spoken to me!

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