Postman Pat was dreading his rounds

And no, I’m not referring to myself in the title!

What kind of Londoner would I be if I didn’t make some kind of mention about the weather at the moment?

We have had great big fat fluffy blobs of snow falling since late last night – it’s gorgeous.  The Man decided to get a cold yesterday, and today is my last day off from work, so I had to get The Girl to school this morning.  however, ut wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.  the roads were gritted and the pavements were crunchy snow or nothing at all – no ice around whatsoever!

I wonder what it is that always makes snow seem so magical.  I get so excited whenever it falls.  Last night, I kept opening the curtain every 20 minutes to see if had got any heavier.  this morning I was loving the crunchy softness underfoot.

Anyway, I had to go and get The Girl from school at 2pm as they decided to close after all, and they are apparently going to be closed tomorrow.  I’m just hoping that The man gets over his man-flu by then.  I am a crap patient, and an even crapper nurse-maid.  But he knows it.  I’m great with The Girl, but when it’s him, I am rubbish at sympathy.  It’s just not natural to me.  That might make me a bitch, but it’s just me and he knows it and accepts it.

Anyway – please Mr Weather, send a lot more big fat white flakes my way!!!  Cheers x