I am an international man of mystery....or something 🙂

I’m getting very annoyed by the Facebook Fairies.

The ‘tailored advertising’ is starting to grate on me as it keeps telling me about stuff that not only doesn’t interest me, but that I positively hate.

So, please Facebook, please please stop advertising the following things to me:

Lee Evans

Big weddings

Ricky Gervais

Sex & The City


Cancer Research UK

Online Bingo

Holidays to America

The Beatles

Social networking/forums specifically for mums/parents

The X Factor

And, although I don’t hate them (in fact there are some that I positively adore), i’m not quite sure why i get so many adverts for lesbian cruises and hoodies.  i mean, really, what the hell is a lesbian hoodie?  why would it be any different to any other hoodie.

Whatever – please stop it Facebook – you’re freaking me out!  I’m obviously not the person that you think I am!