Because of the ‘festive season’, I haven’t been into the office for a week now, and wont actually be returning for another week (as I have a few days off).  For some reason, this means that I haven’t read a single page of my book for more than a week!

I actually think this is quite disgraceful of me – I’m a huge reader, and tend to get through books pretty quickly, but these days I only ever seem to read on the Tube.  I no longer seem to read at home at all.  Whenever I pick a book up at home, it sends me straight to sleep.  I will be reading it, go to turn over the page and realise that although my eyes have been scanning, I haven’t taken a single word in, and have no idea what I just read!

I am currently reading The Secrets of the Lazarus Club by Tony Pollard but it has sat by the side of my bed, untouched and probably starting to collect dust and cat hairs.  I also have a huge mountain of books to get through by the side of my bed once I have finished this one, and at the moment that is looking totally daunting.

Perhaps I will aim to make 2010 the year that I start reading at home again!